Duck Family Tree

Lars Jensen lpj at
Sat Dec 3 16:32:08 CET 2005

Gilles wrote:

> Did you guys know that seafoam mcduck appeared in another ducktales
> episode? (btw for those who are interrested, a dvd box of the 27 first
> episodes has been eventually released!!!)

But it has only been released in the US, right?

> Lars, I've been told that there was another story with douglas and
> whitewater

Yeah, Douglas and Whitewater team up in "Smarter than the Toughies"
( Apparently, it was
printed in France last year.

> ... how do you explain that they're related??

This is gonna screw up your family tree, but... I had Douglas state that
Whitewater is his nephew. Sorry. I still think it was the right thing to
do, though.

> Jans, you should not consider relations between characters from
> different stories and creators (Hugh and detlef, for instance) as
> facts, but as suggestions, as i'm just a fan, not an official disney
> comics creator!!

Agreed. Jans, Gilles Maurice's Duck family tree is a lot of fun, but
don't rely on it for "facts" about Duck relationships. Every writer,
artist, editor, colorist, translator, publisher and reader has his or
her own interpretation of the Duck universe, and there is no one
interpretation that explains all the inconsistencies that have popped up
over the years. My own way of handling questions such as whether Moby is
the brother of Buckaroo etc. is to accept those "facts" I like as "true"
and dismiss those I don't like as "not necessarily true". The Duck
universe (and the larger Disney one, for that matter) is an individual
emotional experience for every single person -- and there is no absolute
truth when it comes to emotions.


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