Treasure of Marco Polo & Heedless Horseman

Larry Giver lgiver at
Fri Dec 9 10:36:25 CET 2005

In response to Jerry Blake, Gladstone Scrooge Album #52 has US63 "House of 
Haunts" and US64 "Treasure of Marco Polo", and Album #53 has US65 
"Micro-Ducks from Outer Space" and US66 "The Heedless 
Horseman".   Gladstone also reprinted "Marco Polo" in Uncle Scrooge 
Adventures #42.  The dialog does not use the words "enemy" or "rebel".  The 
troops trying to overthrow the government associate with Soy Bheen = Prince 
Char Ming are usually called Wahn Beeg Rhat's Brats.  On page 14, panels 4 
and 5, Huey Dewey and Louie use the word "guerillas".   My comic book list 
indicates I have a copy of the original Gold Key US64 Marco Polo, but I've 
misplaced it, so I can't compare the reprints to the original right now.
      "The Heedless Horseman" was also recently reprinted by Gemstone in 
US340, April 2005.
			Best wishes,  Larry 

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