Lampadinha (Gyro´s helper) in Day V - Senai Jose F. Netto - Juiz De Fora MG

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Tue Dec 13 13:05:58 CET 2005

GyroGearloose Helper is one of the most interesting Carl Barks character in 
a supporting role.  Scrap iron made and very intelligent, he is a robot that 
to deviate the attention of the reader for one another history, inside of a 
This time it was not different, however, it are off the pages of comicses. 

In December of 2004, the instructors and apprenticees of the 
Senai(*) Jose Fagundes Netto in Juiz De Fora, Minas Gerais had decided to 
promote one day of together voluntary action to entities of the region.  E 
had had the idea to produce hand toys to give of gift to the children.  
Between them the Lampadinha! (Gyro´s Helper) 
I entered in contact with the coordinator of the project, the Prof. Luiz 
Claudio Rp, to ask for a photo of the Gyro´s Helper and I met more aspects 
about the project . 
For the 2005 edition, he had doubt if the toy would come back to be produced 
and I stimulated them commenting on the characteristics of the character. 
And for my great surprise  they had  decided to back to produce Gyro´s 
Helpers for the edition of day V of 2005, that the entity Home Joana 
Dangolis was become fullfilled in day 05 of December. 
Although to fact to be a very simple toy,  the “Lampadinha” , (Gyro helper 
in portuguese,)  demanded a structuralized project, new parts and of scrap 
iron, and the work of some apprenticees of the course of industrial 
learning,  youngsters of 14 well the 16 years.  E for the assembly was 
necessary a good manual ability.  Process that was a very good lesson, for 
What it calls the attention in this project, is that although in the last 
years hundreds of new characteres to have invaded the brazilian cultural 
universe, when a group of people decided to produce without commercial 
interferences a toy, they had remembered “Lampadinha”.  Not because it is a 
simple toy. Gyro´s helper deferred payment in the heart of the Brazilian and 
content, because it transmits a positive message of incentive, scientific 
thought, and action for aid to the next one. 
The children of the Home Joanna Dangolis and the team of the Senai had this 
year participated of a very pretty history.  E the Lampadinha (Gyro´s 
Helper) was there! 
Congratulations to all! 

At a moment that we hear the proper managers whom they deal with the Disney 
characteres in Brazil to be transparent an incompressible bad news, this 
event is a small sample that demonstrates the incredible potentiality of the 

So I say : Believe  about the Carl Barks characteres.  And provides it  to 
the biggest number of brazilians and people around the world the chance of, 
in the words of the Frenchman Albert Uderzo, creator of the Asterix, that: 

"To dive in the cauldron of a potion whose great secret Walt Disney only 

Alexandre Saramelli 
São Paulo 

(*) Senai - National Service of Industrial Learning is a net of  industrial 
techniques schools of highest quality, kept by the brazilian industry. For a 
 young to study in a school of these is pride reason. 

For Photos, please go to the blog : 

“Grupo Patinhas “, It´s a new blog dedicated to comment and to present real 
cases of people who have transformed ideas concepts and values from Uncle 
Scrooge Cmics into real actions.  It is, affectionately "a branch office of 
the Scrooge McDuck Enterprises in Brazil" 
Despite the fact being in Brazil, the Blog is opened for the participation 
of the whole world people. 
If you it will have a real history of a person who has used to advantage an 
idea or concept, or curiosities in general, sends please to: 

macpatinhas at 

Thanks for all 

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