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Tue Dec 13 18:44:47 CET 2005

I have a questin about your Family tree

I think you have forgot some characters of the Duck-family

I couldn't find DIM-WITTY DUCK. He's maybe a son of Mobys brothers or a brother of Moby.?

I couldn't find Betty the aunt from Brazil and Erwin Erpel, who apears in a story where Ludwig von Drake told about Donalds family tree

I couldn't find some of Daisy's aunts , too. ( Dora Dümpelfroh, Duckser) I don't know the original name. Erasmus Erpelsen, Deppi, Griseldis, Dick, Duckelbert, Dollbert, Otto, Dietbald and Danny Duck ( these charakters couldn't I also find) I don't know the original name. And I couldn't find Baron Botrecht zu Botenlos( original name???) who's a cousin of Fethry and a relative to Donald.

But the family tree is very very good, it exists some little mistakes.Have you any proof that some of these characters are related? Because p.exemple in your family tree Jake Duck is Pingos brother but also Bugys's. ( hair...)
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