CB Collected Works Vols II, XII, XXII / HoF Don Rosa III

nils@math.uio.no nils at math.uio.no
Thu Dec 15 19:43:07 CET 2005

I got the 2nd installment of the Carl Barks Collected
Works today, containing Volumes 2, 12, 22.
I've not yet looked carefully through these books,
and not yet scrutinised the Blum articles, but my
impression is that the books have been very carefully
and lovingly prepared. Perhaps the colours are just
a little bit toned down in comparison with Volumes
1, 11, 21, where there were various critical reactions
from Denmark?

A question: what do the Swedish, Danish, German
versions have on pages 293-294 of Volume 2?
I ask since I have contributed these exact pages
for the Norwegian edition, writing about "Realistic
Donaldism". My understanding is that these pages
would or could be "local" in the sense of leaving
these for separate contributions in Norway, Sweden,
Denmark, Germany.

Today I _also_ got three versions of the "Hall of Fame"
Vol. 10 book, which is "Don Rosa Vol. 3", in respectively
Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. I'm happy to see
my contribution about foxes and hedgehogs appearing
in all three (pages 4-5):

Räven, igelkotten och ankorna
Reven, pinnsvinet og endene
Ræven, pindsvinet og ænderne

(I'm arguing that Barks is a fox while Rosa is a hedgehog.)
Again, the quality of the HoF book is consistently very
high. While all the HoF books are nicely produced and
can grace a bookshelf without embarrassment on part
of the owner, I do predict that the DR volumes are those
that will be read and re-read and re-re-read.

Nils Lid Hjort

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