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Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 20 13:23:17 CET 2005

Hi  David !

Could you please be a bit more specific regarding the deluxe edition?

I have just received Gemstone's superb advertising letter. The "brochure" unfolds into a poster; are the pictures presented the ones included in the deluxe hardcover?

The composition of each does look like something meant to be framed, and the cartoons depicted on the poster would fit the description: "ten of  the earliest, most prized Good Housekeeping pages"-- except that these are "just" pictures rather than pages from Good Housekeeping.
I would love to have prints of these indeed-- "The Wise Little Hen" & "Thre Little Wolves" most especially, and probably others I can't think of. I don't know whether there even was a GH page devoted to it, but "the Old Windmill" would certainly make for a great print.

I knew it would be interesting, and this preview only confirms it. It's the top quality the Disney archives & Another Rainbow / Gladstone, and now Gemstone have accustomed us to. Congratulations & thanks for the hard work that certainly went into this splendid result !
Thanks also for the information you can give on these prints.

Best holiday season greetings to everyone !

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