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We all know that Scrooge's character is inspired by Ebenezer Scrooge, whose 
role he played in "Mickey Christmas Carol"..

In my genealogical researches, I found several Ebenezer in the family :
first in strobl's  "Uncle Donald and His Nephews - Family Fun", from "Dell 
Giant" # 38, 1960
we can see a Ebenezer Duck on a family tree...

Then, Asger Pedersen's list mentions an Ebenezer McDuck in Bradbury's "Indian 
Takeover" (S 68064  , 1968), who was Scrooge's grandfather, at least in the 
danish version of that story :

and eventually, INDUCKS mentions a "Old Ebeneeza McDuck "
in Strobl's "Be it Ever so Humble " (S 67019 , 1967) 

Does anybody know if Strobl and Bradbury communicate their works to 
eachother, or that Bradbury's knew strobl's 1967 story? Were both ebenezer's intended 
to be the same character???

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