Mickey & the Gang - hardcover prints

David Gerstein ramapith at verizon.net
Wed Dec 21 06:55:50 CET 2005

     Hey Olivier,

> Could you please be a bit more specific regarding the deluxe  
> edition [of Mickey and the Gang: Classic Stories in Verse]?
> I have just received Gemstone's superb advertising letter. The  
> "brochure" unfolds into a poster; are the pictures presented the  
> ones included in the deluxe hardcover? The composition of each does  
> look like something meant to be framed, and the cartoons depicted  
> on the poster would fit the description [snip]

     Yep. The pictures shown on the poster are indeed the ones  
included as ten foldout prints in the deluxe hardcover. The idea  
behind the prints is to show the Good Housekeeping art as it was  
originally painted, before the text verses were added (of course, in  
the main body of the book, the art appears as published, with the  
verses included).

>> I don't know whether there even was a GH page devoted to it, but  
>> "the Old Windmill" would certainly make for a great print.

     Sadly, there was no page devoted to THE OLD MILL. This Inducks  
link should take you to a complete list of published GH pages:
     These are all in the book, plus a page based on SKY TROOPER that  
was shelved and never published in the old days. But no OLD MILL.

     In general, all of us at Gemstone are indescribably glad to get  
this book on sale at last. The work on it wore us out, but I think it  
was worth it!


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