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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

Newspaper] Weds. 29 December 1999 p. 7

>Don Rosa's Secret of Sampo Already in 4th Edition
>American comic-book illusirator Don-Rosa's Kalevala-inspired The
>Secret of Sampo, in which Donald Duck and others explore the world of
>Finnish myth, has turned out to be a publishing blockbuster here.
>Anyone wishing to add it to Christmas lists had best forget the idea,
>as the first three printings have all gone and the fourth edition is
>not expected until early in the New Year.
>The publisher Helsinki Media was naturally a little embarrassed by the
>turn of events, but will doubtless console themselves with the thought
>that even if some sales are going to be missed now, 40,000 copies of
>the book have been sold in about six weeks. Don Rosa visited Finland
>in person in November, and lines outside book-stores of people wishing
>him to sign his book indicated the enduring popularity of the Disney
>characters, and of Rosa himself. He is regarded as the heir to the
>illustrator tradition of Carl Barks, one of the greatest Disney
>artists. (HS)

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