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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

Thank you
for everything

(from an Indonesian Barks' fans)

It is very surprising and exciting to see that an Indonesian site also put
this news at their website though i doubt that they do understand this whole
Barks Legacy. Instead they just translated a part of an online article (was
it Yahoo?) and made many mistakes in the final translations. Still it is
nice to see that Barks' name finally mentioned in an Indonesian news media.
I've tried to contact two local newspapers but they never replied. And i
doubt the local Disney publisher here will mention anything about this news.
Sad, very sad.

To all of you who can read some Indonesian might want to check out this
site, just to see how they're doing.

Oh, almost forgot. Thank you very much for Doctor Gerry Tank who has help me
and the others to get our messages thru to Mr. Barks. I am so glad that at
least i've let him know that there's a fan of his in a faraway side of this
globe. Thank you Mr. Tank for all your help.

Best wishes,
Arie Fachrisal

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