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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

>Maybe I can get a hold of a batch and sell autographed  
>first-day-covers or something? I should probably do stuff like 
>that now and then, but I never think of it, I never want to take
>the time off from working on stories to try it.

Don, might you consider using Ebay as a marketing and sales tool 
for such a project? I have seen this done before where someone
will 'auction'  large numbers of an item. I am sure fans around the 
world would jump at such an opportunity and not begrudge you
making a profit. All of us here know your work is a gold mine for
the various publishers (NO disrespect meant) and for Disney Co
(disrespect *meant*) while you get a flat-rate and do not receive 
any royalties after.

I wish you would also consider this for your 2 HC books being
released soon. Unless we can order directly, I doubt they will be 
available easily in the USA. We would have to prevail on our 
friends in Europe to purchase copies and ship these for us.

I understand your reluctance to devote any large amount of time
to this. Maybe you know a reliable young-Scrooge-like person
who would do the mundane chores of processing the orders so
you could just sign the items and continue the work you (and all
of us) enjoy most. You could offer this future Scrooge a percentage
or , hmmmm, a certain amount per hour?

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