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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

the defunct Singapore version), no American would want to pay the amount of 
money required to get the subscription and pay postage from India, for a few 
short, random stories seemingly aimed at very young audiences. The stories I 
saw were not very inspired, and were very simple plots.  The artwork was run-of-
the-mill "Spanish Studio" work -  mostly Millet, Xavi, Alfarez, Torres, 
Santanache, and that ilk. There was no Rosa, Van Horn, Branca, Jippes, Milton, 
Noel Van Horn, Rota, etc.  Of course, i didn't see much of a sample. Perhaps 
some better and longer stories are now printed.  But, if that were so, I 
suspect that information would have been introduced on our forum by now, eh?


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