April 2006 Previews/Mickey's inferno

Chuck Munson chuckm_1962 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 05:45:06 CET 2006

Hi David & Everyone

>  It's only very slightly abridged (missing is a  
short sequence set in Hades' barber shop; originally,
a rather  
critical panel of plot exposition was also deleted,
but we restored  

Thanks in advance for the restored scene, but what was
the cause of deletion for Hades' sartorial adventures?
 I'm rather sensitive to the cutting (pardon the pun)
of Barbershop scenes since performing Woody Allen's
The Schmeed Memoirs in junior high speech club
competitions. (The Schmeed Memoirs is a short story
Allen wrote detailing the fictitious recollections of
Hitler's barber.)

Nice touch including it in issue 666.

Chuck Munson
Herndon, Virginia, USA

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