DCML Digest, Vol 36, Issue 16

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Tue Mar 7 23:36:52 CET 2006

Greeting to everyone on the list.  Been quite a while since I wrote, despite reading the postings every day.   I have some signed disney books I would like to sell.  The Making of snow white, signed by 6 of the 7 old men, The disney villian, signed by frank and ollie, Justice for Disney, signed by bill justice, limited edition with a pasted in photo of his neice, Window on main street, Van Arnsdale France, The slip cased donald duck book, with the two signatures where one of the guys died before it could be signed,  a bunch of older dell comics, comics and stories issue #7, a bunch of key barks issues,  Vacation parade #1,  Uncle $crooge #1, Spring vacation coming up.  16 pages of pencils disney comic complete, mickey and goofy as the Wright brothers, more.  Email me for pictures and prices if interested.  Hi Don!  Where you been hiding out?  Coming to Germany in July for the world cup for a week.  any good comic shops to visit?  Best regards to all!  Marty
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