Gladstone II versus Gemstone Mickey question + OT recommendation

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- Dean -

>>>> Now for an off topic recommendation.
>>>> Until the fall of 2004 I had never read a Little Lulu story. 

I faintly remember reading a few stories a loooooong time ago, but i really (re)discovered Little Lulu more recently (still a couple of uears ago now), through a great series of  animated shorts. I haven't seen that many, but whenever I chanced upon one, I watched it through: I loved it.
The series (and, I am sure, the comics) is extremely refreshing; simple characters, simple situations, but above all, wholesome fun; it's just kind and gentle, without getting silly.

>>>> I went into my local comic book store and saw the first volume
>>>> of Little Lulu reprints by Dark Horse comics.  Since the price
>>>> was reasonable and I liked the art, on a lark I bought a copy.
>>>> I think Dark Horse has about 7 or 8 volumes out now.
>>>>From what I can tell, some people really miss seeing these stories
>>>> in color (the Dark Horse collections are in black and white).

There was a Little Lulu Library, much like the E.C. and Carl Barks Library sets, "with extensive editorial and biographical data", as Gemstone's leaflet puts it-- on the one I have, sets 3, 4 and 6 were still available, for $130 each; it doesn't say whether they're in black & white, like the other Library collections (I suppose it is so), or in color.
Maybe I should order one, even though the collection would be incomplete. How many sets were there?
I'll have to check out those Dark Horse volumes. Are there any essays, as in the Hamitlon/Cochran sets?
Thanks for calling my (DCML members') attention on this, Dean!

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