Mickey's Inferno

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I got Disney's comics and stories 666 last week which i had bought especially for Mickey's Inferno and i have been pleased with the quality of the paper, printing and overall with the magazine; that was the first time i read this classic story because it seems there hasn't been a translation in France, i don't know whether that is due to the content of some situations, since amongst other things, the teachers are especially mistreated in the story; anyway, this is worth reading for two esential points : firstly, the beginning of the story, when we see both Mickey and Goofy turned into antics poets by a Fakir and walking through, once out of the theater, the streets of the modern city, is mesmerizing, as if there weren't boundaries between the fake universe of the stage and reality; the second enjoyable thing of the story is in its visionary images and situations full of imagination, this is mostly a visual story, the plot and the intrigue are not the most important here, and the story earns a lot thanks to its atmosphere; this is a tale which also mixes the Disney's universe in a rather unusually way since we meet a substantial amount of Disney's characters which are normally spread into different worlds and stories; we meet Dumbo, Donald and his nephews, Pete and so on...there is other italian stories gathering a lot of commonly separated Disney's characters with some legendary - fairy tales undertones : i can quote two from memory : Donald au pays des nains-longs aka Paperino e l'oro di reno ovvero l'an ello dei nani lunghi ( what a title! ), and 'Capitaine Fracas' aka Paperin Fracassa.
Coming back to Disney's Inferno, it would be a good thing since Gemstone started publishing this Guido Martina's story by completing it with an almost unknown classic outside Italia called Topolino e il cobra bianco.
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