Scrooge McDuck Sculpture: "I'm disinheriting you!"

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Merci beaucoup!

>>>The top view of  the whole statue is rather weird. 

I agree with you :-) Note that the floor is in the shape af a webbed foot :-)

>>> I could have done without the devil's horns, however-- or you might have 
just suggested >>them with his feathers, like is often down in the comics.

One of the point of this exercise i made for school, is to sum up 
characteristics of a comicbook universe of my choice, but also to bring what they call my 
"personnal writing" to it. The idea of the horns have been suggested to me by 
the devilish Scrooge in Lo$11, although they are indeed suggested with 
feathers, but colored in red in the french version at least, and the fact that i 
made them this way was part of this "personal writing" intentions...

>>>Why is Scrooge's coat black?

One of the inspirations for this sculpture (the sentence "je te déshérite 
/i'm dishineriting you" which scrooge originally tells to gladstone, and these 
colors) has been "Race to the south seas" by Barks, but the real reason of why I 
made the coat with this color is to make Scrooge darker, and above all to 
give him different colors than the money bin's colors, or it would look like the 
bin is part of his body...

Thanks again,

Gilles R. Maurice

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