Comic Book Reading in America: Mini-Report

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I have mentioned that I am a teacher of Latin and German in a Catholic
grade school in Ohio, "the heart of America."  My students are therefore
11-13 years old, with a few at age 14.

Our parish is fairly wealthy, with practically all parents having college
degrees.  I had them read "A Christmas for Shacktown" and a "A Letter to
Santa" by Carl Barks (thanks to the people on the forum here who found it
online).  I asked them to look for Latin-based vocabulary in the stories.

 To be sure, most students said they either enjoyed the stories or that
they were "okay."

What was disconcerting was the large minority of students who could not
follow what was happening.  I had some wrinkled faces and noses: "It got
boring, and I couldn't follow it."  "I don't know, it didn't seem to make
any sense."

When pressed about what specifically was "boring" or what "didn't make
any sense" they of course were inarticulate, and usuallty just shrugged.

Even more disconcerting, these comments were not always coming from the
"bottom feeders."

I just keep hoping this is not a trend!  Again, a majority liked the

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!

L. Schulte

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