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Santiago García saturno3x1 at yahoo.es
Sat Dec 22 23:15:45 CET 2007

Marc Newman:

> Here's a question for everyone.  One of my customers
> is looking for a 
> childhood favorite.
> "I'm searching for a story in either Uncle Scrooge,
> Donald Duck, or 
> Huey, Dewey, and Louie, involving Donald and his
> nephews either diving 
> (or in  some type of mini-submarine) and Uncle
> Scrooge appearing in his 
> own mini-submarine.  

Tony Strobl's "Rainbow Island Rendezvous" (W DD 41-02)
would match this description.

> Also, at one point, I 
> seemed to remember it dealing with giant pearls or
> underwater emeralds."

Other two stories (Strobol's, by the way) would match
those facts:
-"The Stone Money Mystery" (W DD 69-01)
-"Legend Of El Dorado" (W PP 7-01).

Good luck,


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