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Ola Martinsson wrote:

When I was a boy, between 5 to 10 I think, my dad was in USA on a
business trip. When he came home he had bought me a childrens book. It
was a soft cover book with about 20 pages. About 20cm/8 inches high and
wide. The book was stapled and the shape was of Donalds head wearing his
hat looking forward at you from an angle. I mean that it was not a front
view as in the logo of the animated shorts films and not in profile.
This must have been in the middle of the 1960:s I think.

The only picture I remember is where one of the nephews look out from
behind a wheel-barrow. I seem to recall that it teached things like
behind, in front of and such things but I'm not sure.

I have acopy of that book (from 1964), but unfortunately it is not for sale.
Here are some scans though




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