Uncle Scrooge's Life

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Yet another addition to the Don Rosa index: the third part of Uncle
Scrooge's life is in the current Scandinavian books (47/92).
"Scrooge's Life: The Vagabond in the Wild West", 15 pages, D 92008.
(I've retranslated the title from Swedish back into English.  I don't
know what the original title was.)

I'm still ambivalent to Rosa's stories, and this one didn't do much
for me.  I'll be very unspecific here as not to spoil the story for
anyone, but there's a totally uncalled-for appearance of a character
mentioned in a story by Barks, as well as the appearance of a
real-world character.  Add to this some gags, but not much of a story,
and that's it.

During his time Barks showed us some glimpses of Scrooge's earlier
life, and I think it's interesting to see another duck fan, like Rosa,
trying to piece it all together, *but* I think it's hard to make new
interesting stories that stand on their own in the process.

There's another attempt at collecting all the tidbits of information
on Scrooge's youth I know of, which doesn't have this problem as it
doesn't try to make new stories aimed for "the masses" out of it, but
contents itself with the collecting and piecing together of facts from
Barks's stories.  That is Jack L. Chalker's book "An Informal
Biography of Scrooge McDuck".  Pretty fun reading, I think, but it's
difficult to come by.  (I have it xeroxed somewhere --- can't find it
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