Duckburg Times

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Fri Nov 20 17:28:30 CET 1992

Per Starbuck writes:
> Ah, I didn't know The Duckburg Times still existed---the latest ish I
> have is #22 (1987).  Is it the same address (400 Valleyview Selah, WA
> 98942) and price (four issue subscription $5, sample $1.25, overseas
> rates double (*sigh*))?

The Nov. 27 issue of the "Comics Buyers Guide" has the following infor-
"Duckburg Times#24/25, a special double-sized issue devoted to the
DuckTales animated television series, was recently published...
Single copies of #24/25 are $3 from 3010 Wilshire Blvd. #362,
Los Angeles, Calif. 90010.""

The article also mentions the van Horn cover, the contents of the issue,
and plans to make the fanzine (physically) larger, but I suppose I
shouldn't quote too much of that article without permission, in order to
avoid all sorts of copyright trouble (although the recent "Fanboy Press"
parody in the "Ambush Bug Nothing Special # 1" comic certainly does a
lot more damage to CBG than I am liable to do here!).  Anyway, I hadn't
seen a copy of the Duckburg Times in years either, so I plan to send
away for this one.  Has anyone out there done so yet?  Has anyone other
than Harry seen a copy in a store?

                   Wilmer Rivers

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