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Wed Nov 25 10:21:35 CET 1992

Hi there,

as Harry mentioned in his last mail, he is willing to take part in creating a
complete Gladstone index (after finishing his Big Dutch Index :) ).

As for the format of such a beast I propose something similar to the
Barks-Don Rosa/Gladstone index I sent some time ago. This was in the form:

US210   'Origin of the Beagle Boys'(10)
        'The moving money bin'(6.75)

i.e., the Gladstone title in short, the number, the title of the story (or in
quotes a short description, if there was no title) and the length in pages. In
addition to this the credits should be mentioned - author, artist...

What I can't provide from here is the original source - this must be added by
someone else.

This is just a foundation for a discussion, not a finished format, though.

Any comments are welcome.


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