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Fri Nov 27 16:16:15 CET 1992

On Fri, 27 Nov 1992, Torsten Wesley Adair wrote:
> On 24 Nov 1992, Harry Fluks wrote:
> > 1. Rich's character list
> > It seems that Grandma Duck has not only a Dutch name (Dora), but also
> > a Danish name: Andrea And ("And" = "Duck").
> > (I found this name in the first Danish comic I ever bought: it was only
> > the equivalent of $0.25 in a Dutch comic book shop)
> > No English name yet, but the search continues...
> > ----
> > 2. Gladstone Index
> > There has been some interest in compiling a Gladstone index, or even a 
> > Complete Disney Comics Index (CDCI, Per's dream)...
> > I am working on a Big Dutch Index (BDI, TM) at the moment: it contains all
> > Dutch issues with their stories. I completed 90% now, and I hope to be 
> > finished (99%) in one or two weeks.
> > Maybe some information of this index could be used in making a Gladstone 
> > Index, or a CDCI (my dream too).
> > Anyway, when my BDI is finished, I think I could help making a Gladstone 
> > index. But we still have to agree on the form of such an index (e.g. how
> > to indicate the artists).
> > Per, Hannes, other volunteers: how do we do this?
> > --Harry.
> If you are going to make an index of Disney stories, I suggest that a
> paragraph be written for each story.  The paragraph should include:
> 	Control number (same for each language version?)
> 	Title (enter the version you have, and transcribe it into English.
>  		Remember to put the title in [brackets] if you have to
> 		create one, and put the language identifier in (parenthesis). 
>   		As other people contribute foreign titles, they can be added.
> 	Writer
> 	Artist(s)
> 		If not known, put in parenthesis who the contributor is
> 		thought to be.  Add notes if necessary.
> 	Issue(s) the story has appeared in.
		List the title of the magazine in the original language,
		with the issue number and the date after it.  List the number
		of pages, 
>		and put in parenthesis the country (not the
> 		language) where the issue was published.  Add a note if the 
>		country publishes in more than one language (like Canada).
> 	Characters
> 		List any significant characters (use abbreviations for
> 		popular characters... MdS, US, DD, GyG, HDL, BB, GlG). 
> 		Use American names, and include an appendix that crosslists
> 		foreign names.  If a new character appears in a foreign 
> 		(non-U.S.) edition, list the name and make a note of his/her/its
> 		apperance and character.
> 	Synopsis
> 		Tell, in two or three sentences, what happens in the story.
> 	References
> 		Notes for further reading.  Include here geographic notes
> 		for Uncle Scrooge stories, and story notes for continued
> 		stories (Plain Awful, etc.).
> Subject headings should be included in the index at the end of the book. 
> Include:
> 	Character apperances
> 	Recurring themes (Donald's employment, US's magic dime, Junior
> 		Woodchucks)
> 	Authors, artists, movie titles, actors who appear in Disney comic books
> These are suggestions.
> There is a books series in the U.S. called The Photojournalist's Guide to
> Comic Book Covers.  It contains nothing put page after page of photos of comic
> book covers!  I don't know if Disney has been done yet, and if it hasn't,
> it probably will be eventually.
> I look forward to your index!
> Torsten at Omaha
Torsten at Omaha

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