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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Mon Nov 30 00:24:50 CET 1992

Once a format is selected for the Disney Index, I think that a general
manual should be created that shows how subscribers should create entries.
	An archived site should be created that would store all of the Disney
entries online.  This archive should be moderated like an electronic
journal.  A subscriber would submit an entry for inclusion in the Index. 
The Moderator, acting as an editor, would review the entry and either add
it to the Index, or send it back to the subscriber with a list of
corrections that need to be made.
	The most important file in the archives would be a list of issues
that have been indexed.  The format might be:
	Country code	(I would use the international abbreviations that
		one sees on cars  e.g. D (Deutschland=Germany), USA, 
		CH (Switzerland).
	Magazine title, number, and date (month/year)
	Publisher code	(Is this necessary?  In the USA, Gladstone and
		Disney continued the numbering of Dell/Gold Key.  Do other
		publishers renumber the titles from a previous publisher?)

The Index would be arranged by production numbers, and would also contain a
title index.  The issue list would just be a way of keeping track of what
has been indexed.

Files within the archives:
	Title List	(issues that have been analyzed)
	Title Index	(index of stories that have been entered into the Index)
	Character Index	(index of characters that appear in Disney comic books)
	Production Number Index		(Should the entries be arranged by
		production number, or given a generic number?  Arrangement by
		magazine or story titles is not possible, given the variety of
		titles and reprints for each story.
	Real Person Index	(people who contributed to the stories: 
		authors, artists, colorists, inkers, letterers, editors)
	Subject Index	(Entries would be taken from the notes.  This
		index would not be as precise as the others, as each
		contributor would decide what to list.  The Editor would
		also add or simplify these entries.
I think this index should have a Latin name to make it universal, and to
add some class to it.  Index Disneus (?).  Any Latin scholars out there?

I'm going to stick my neck out here.  I know very little about running a
listserver, or how to access one.  I do know how to catalog information so
that it can be accessible.  Therefore, I am willing to serve as AN editor
(there should be one for each country that publishes Disney, so that
editors who submit entries can send them to other editors for revision). 
As a matter of policy, each submission should be sent to all of the
editors.  The editors would make suggestions, forward them to the editor
in charge of a certain country or region, and that editor would compile
the comments and forward them to the submittor.

newsgroups dealing with Disney comics:
	Disney comics in general	(what we have now)
	Disney archives			(where the Index would be stored)
	Disney editors			(where submissions are sent.  Only
		editors would have access to this list.  Should others? 
		Or should comments only be taken after the entry has been
		posted?  Perhaps what should be done is that after the
		editors are finished with an entry, it should be posted to
		the general public for their opinions, insights, etc.
		before being added to the Index.)

Should the archives group be broken down into smaller groups, each dealing
with a specific aspect (titles, entries, characters, etc.)?

Is there anyone out there who knows how to manage something like this?

This would be incredible if it happens!

Torsten at Omaha

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