Relatives; When do the stories occur?

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James Williams (yet another new poster---welcome!) wrote:
> Either Carl Barks or Don Rosa has a actual geneology chart for 
> the ducks.  Its suppose to include something like five generations.

I posted the information in Barks's tree earlier before you were on
the list, and I guess Rosa intends to follow it.  At least he calls
Donald's mother Hortense when she appears in chapter five of The Life
of Scrooge (I just read it.  It's in KA 11/93 here in Sweden.)

> Some of the characters, like Donald's sister, are suppose to appear
> for the first time ever in Rosa's "The Life of Scrooge".

She and Donald aren't even born yet in the latest installment of Life
of Scrooge, so she isn't mentioned yet.  I wonder if Don will call her
Thelma (as it is in Barks's notes) instead of Della/Dumbella.  Barks
is of course a big (the greatest) authority, but "Thelma" isn't
mentioned in any story, only in his private notes, and there are
already a couple of names in actual use for the poor woman, so maybe
Thelma isn't really canonical after all?

me> The cover date for US 12 was "Dec.-Feb 1956" so if the story took 
me> place in 1955 or 1956 Scrooge is born in 1880 or 1881, [...]

> All of this assumes that the year a story is published has a 
> relationship to the year the story occured.  Most of Don
> Rosa's stories (excluding 'The Duck Who Fell To Earth') are
> suppose to take place in the 40s or 50s.

Yeah, of course that might be a dangerous assumption, but everytime we
get to know when a Barks story occurs it "happens" to occur at about
the time the story originally was published.  There are some examples
of that, like when a year is mentioned *and* how many years ago that
was.  (Sorry, I don't remember any examples right now.  If anyone asks
me to, I'll try to find a few.)
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