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Fri Apr 30 23:59:24 CEST 1993

In the last digest...
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 09:33:59 CDT
>From: krieg at (Andrew Krieg 5-5379)
>Subject: Re: digest #8

Andrew <krieg at> said:
>I have recently been trying to track down your non-Disney work. 
>I was able to find "Don Rosa's Comics and Stories" 1 & 2 fairly
>easy.  Finding the collected works of Captain Kentucky has not
>been so easy.  I even called used book stores and comic stores in
>the Louisville area (I live in Wisconsin) to locate some of these
>books (and it worked)!  My DRC&S #2 (or is it #1), which I got
>from a Lousiville store is even autographed by you!  At least
>that's what the clerk claimed.  Do you recall signing any of these
>(mine is signed right in the center of the circle on the cover)? 
>Do you have any insight into locating copies of the Captain
>Kentucky books?  I have tried Kentucky book stores, as well as the
>newspaper that used to print the strip and sold the reprint
>volumes, but no luck.  I only have the first book.  Weren't there
>3 altogether?

Andy, you also made this remark:
>There are a lot more readers than those who post regularly
>(generally we're called lurkers).  I appreciate that we do have
>those who keep the information flow going.[...]

Well... while you were some where `lurking' -- I had made this
proposal to everyone one on the list:

>[...] If not would any of you over-seas collectors be interested
>in trading this book (or any other stories we Yanks may not have)
>for copies of "The Captain Kentucky Collections" (Volumes I-III)
>or the two "The Pertwillaby(sp?) Papers"?  

This also entails *ALL* of my fellow countrymen... even ones who
live in Wisconsin (just kidding :-)  So unless you want to
specificly enlist help from Don himself I'm pretty sure I can get
them for you!   

Gil Milburn<gilbert at>   

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