War of the Wendigo (again!)

Larry J. Gerstein Larry.J.Gerstein at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Jun 2 03:51:53 CEST 1993

	Dear Folks (especially Mr. Rosa),

	I was away in Portsmouth, NH over the past weekend (at my
grandparents' home) and told a great friend of mine who's an American Indian
about the story "War of the Wendigo."  (Sadly, I forgot to bring him the
story -- in German -- to actually LOOK at.)  After hearing a detailed summary
of the plot, he loved it, of course.  There's no justice...

	But mebby there IS, it just hit me.  Look at stories like WDC 34, in
which Donald's captured by cannibals with Southern accents who talk about
"burnum at de stake";  WDC 56, in which Donald thinks the boys are Japanese
agents and uses ethnic slurs;  WDC 74, in which Donald talks in Southern
dialect to the very stereotyped Wild Woman of Borneo.  These stories are not
allowed to be printed, as far as I can tell, in the monthly comics, but are
allowed in the ALBUMS.

	Sure, "War of the Wendigo" is not prejudiced like these, but Disney's
view seems to be that it is.  Unfortunate and wrong as that view may be, the
question is obvious:  WOULD "WAR OF THE WENDIGO" BE ALLOWED in an ALBUM
(perhaps with some minor dialogue changes, but allowed nonetheless)???  The
collectors/purchasers are older, more mature, etc. etc.  The story could be
paired with, say, "His Majesty McDuck" and a few of Mr. Rosa's ten-pagers
that haven't yet seen reprint.  The NEW (in America) story would ensure great
sales, and I for one wouldn't mind superior-quality reprints of some of the
Rosas that haven't seen print a second time.

	What does anyone (particularly Mr. Rosa) think of this?

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

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