Ducks and Artists HATHAWAY at
Thu Jun 17 18:23:26 CEST 1993

For Don Rosa, 

-	W.Hathaway -- I didn't understand your comments about difficulties 
- that you say I claim to have with Duck people. What was it I said?
- I can't place what you might be referring to. 

  I was referring to the following opinion Barks has about your works and 
  to the coldness Barks has reportedly shown to you.  Such behavior is 
  something Donald Duck might show when he gets into one of his snits.  
  Please excuse my lack of clarity. 

-	Tom Galloway -- As you see, I've known that Barks dislikes my work 
- for many years. But how did that "dealer in Atlanta" know that? 
- Did Barks tell him himself?!  

W. Hathaway 

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