Something for Don to think about!..

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at
Thu Jun 17 18:27:41 CEST 1993

Dear Disney-folks,

In Don's comments he said:
> Date: 16 Jun 93 09:31:58 EDT
> From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: Re: Digest #41

>       I needn't have worried. Though EVERYONE knew I was there, and
>there ONLY to meet Barks, I waited all weekend and still received
>NO invitation. I was royally snubbed in favor of all the
>millionaires and news people. I was quite hurt, but I had too much
>pride to go begging to be introduced. At least I shook his hand in
>a crowd, but no words were passed between us in those 5 seconds.
>       I'll stop short of telling you what sort of person Barks
>really is, according to the people that have dealt closely with
>him. It's all hearsay for one thing.... and besides, you're all
>better off admiring his WORK -- you may not be able to admire the

        Don, I'm really *SORRY* things turn out for you the way they
did!.. I know how distressing (and PAINFUL) it is to reach out to
someone that you have admired for years and they turn out to be
hateful or arrogant as well as conceited and not at all
respectable!!  I am only thankful that when I contacted YOU several
years ago, that you were very open and friendly towards me and just
down-right pleasant to talk to (and for that I *THANK* you!)!!!!!! 
At least, as far as you are concerned, your fans can admire both
for your work and you as a human being!

That's about all for now,

Gil (what's-his-face)
        P.S. If someone is currently logged-on and has BOTH messages that I
sent out today, *PLEASE* let me know!!

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