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Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jun 21 15:04:34 CEST 1993


	I have an educated guess as to the fate of Ulrich Schroeder's $crooge story. Ulrich started doing that story for Gladstone when 
Gladstone was returning the art to the owners of same, the artists. Later, Disney started screwing with Gladstone as part of the plot 
to force them to give up their renewable license... that's when I was forced to quit, and when Ulrich probably declined to finish 
his story (Ulrich works for Oberon where all artists are used to having all their art returned). When Disney took the license and 
found Ulrich's story in the files, they wanted to use it... so Ulrich said SURE, just send the art back and I'll finish it up! Then 
suddenly WHHOPS! I LOST it! Dang! (Or a Dutch equivalent.) This is a brilliant move on Ulrich's part and I applaud him long and loud! 
Disney does not own the story and can't even CLAIM to own the art until Ulrich is paid for it -- so since he was never paid, he can 
keep the art. Claiming it was lost is a good idea to prevent Disney from trying to BULLY him, as is their usual style. 
	I'm due to talk to Gladstone today... I'll ask if I'm not dead on the money.

	Looks like I need to ask them to send me some COMICS, too! Just as with Disney, if I want to see one of my covers or stories, I need 
to go out and hunt down and BUY my own copy! Nobody sends me ONE much less the 30 copies that are usually expected. Egmont usually 
sends me at least ONE (which comes with a normal subscription each week).

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