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 Per Starback: Wrote 
> * FM-10, 1983, 11 pages, "Air mail"
> Knothead and Splinter (the kids) are members of a very Woodchuck-like
> carrier pidgeon movement and fail some test with their pidgeon
> Wheezer as he helps another pidgeon instead.  Meanwhile Woody sneezes
> all the time and gets degraded at his work at the museum.  (Hmm, where
> have I seen those cubic stones before? :-)  Anyway they discover that
> the other pidgeon carried a message from a professor (Tron Dreyerdal).
> (The two pages that I have reproduced from the first Donald version of
> the story is from this part.  It's almost the same, panel for panel,
> but not always.)
> * FM-11, 1983, 10 pages, "Dangerous Water"
> Woody (still sneezing) and the kids go on a boat trip. They see a
> dragon.
> * FM-12, 1983, 12 pages, "Stranded on Kua-Kua"
> They get to the island Kua-Kua and meet a very young Tron Dreyerdal.
> There is a fountain of youth on the island.  There are also potatoes
> you get older from.  And the dragon sneezes a lot: The Big Sneeze.
> * FM-13, 1983, 13 pages, "Remedy for a Dragon"
> They cure the dragon of her sneezing.  (How's that for a short
> summary? :-)
 > --

This plot sounds just like Gnuff. A series serialized in the now defunct 
_Critters_. This was just one of several stories about a family of dragons
who lived in a european city. The story was advertised as "Carl Barks 
ducks with a dark side"  The dark side being that dragons were a minority
group and were being generaly shuned. (In the first installment the main
character were moving into the city for the first time and had to rent
and entire apartment building, since no one wanted to live with dragons,
there was also 'something' wrong with the dragons letting anyone see they
had wings and could fly)

The plots above take place "later", after the Gnuff family had 'earned' a
little respect. I don't have any more direct information with me. I
belive back issues are stell available, I'm not sure of the publisher 
right now though. (Ask for _Critters_ from local comic book store, if you
can find any books by the publisher there is usually a large adds page
for ordering back orders from any book in their line.)

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