Land Beneath the Ground

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Fri Jun 25 12:49:57 CEST 1993

Per Starback:
> Giovanni S Capriglione:
> > I have benn trying to find a particualar comic book for a while (...)
> The comic you're after is Land Beneath the Ground, written and drawn
> by Carl Barks.  It was originally published in Uncle Scrooge #13 in
> 1956. It has been reprinted in Uncle Scrooge #109 (1973), maybe that's
> where you've seen it before?
> The easiest way find it now is probably in Gladstone Comic Album #6.

Giovanni says he lives in "RI", which could mean Republic of Italy. Maybe
he wants an Italian version of the comic? If so, maybe Luigi could help.

> > (...) please post this answer to the newsgroup...
> But...  You're not a member of this group!  

The message is an exact copy of a posting to the newsgroup 
rec.arts.comics.misc. That's where Giovanni must be referring to...

Per, maybe it is time to put an advertisement again on this newsgroup?


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