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Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Sat May 1 05:56:42 CEST 1993


	Andy Krieg wants to locate copies of my CAPTAIN KENTUCKY COLLECTION newspaper strip reprint volumes. You come to da right place --  
I have a garage full of the #$%@& things! Andy (or anyone) can send me a self-addressed, stamped (enough for 3 magazines) envelope, 
and I'll send them copies FREE. I wish I could also supply copies of DON ROSA'S COMICS AND STORIES, but no can do. My address is me, 
9711 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville, KY, 40299.

	HARRY FLUKS -- did you ever say where you're located? In Holland? Sweden? Burbank?
	I would be most anxious and appreciative to obtain Dutch reprints of my stories from you!!! I do have a few, but not many, and I would 
be likewise anxious to obtain duplicates of those few anyway. So, I'll take 'em ALL. You have my address above. And tell me what the 
costs will be.

	Someone said that the Fins have printed those 4 or 5 missing pages from "Back to the Klondike". I don't see the Finnish comics, so 
I can't say anything for sure... but I don't see HOW they could print that art since it has never been in the Disney or Egmont files, 
or anywhere outside of Bruce Hamilton's vault in Prescott. Maybe they took shots off a Gladstone edition, which would not be illegal 
in any way since, even though Disney has no copies of the art, it's still their copyrighted property. Same as the Dutch using those 
Barks paintings on their back covers and Egmont using them as stamp give-aways... neither Hamilton nor Barks knew about this until 
I happened to mention seeing same. And though they felt misused and robbed, there's not much they can do about it since the images 
are Disney property, not Hamilton's or Barks'. Still, Egmont had been asked NOT to use the paintings, and when I inadvertantly had let 
it slip, they decided to cut it out since they had some non-binding "obligation" to pay Barks a royalty for such use, just out of respect, 
the same way Gladstone and Disney paid Barks a royalty whenever they reprint one of his old stories (though I suspect the reason for 
doing that is simply to stay on Barks' bright side for when they might need his favors).

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