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Don Rosa wrote his COMMENTS ON DIGEST #9:

> 	Andy Krieg wants to locate copies of my CAPTAIN KENTUCKY COLLECTION 
> newspaper strip reprint volumes. You come to da right place --  
> I have a garage full of the #$%@& things! (...)
> 	HARRY FLUKS -- did you ever say where you're located? In Holland?
> Sweden? Burbank?

I'm in Holland. The word 'Dutch' in my signature would indicate that. Also,
(re)read my 2nd message in digest #3 (there's an unanswered Jippes question
there, too 8-)

> 	I would be most anxious and appreciative to obtain Dutch reprints of
> my stories from you!!! I do have a few, but not many, and I would 
> be likewise anxious to obtain duplicates of those few anyway. So, I'll
> take 'em ALL. You have my address above. And tell me what the 
> costs will be.

I'll send what I can get. This may take some time, though...
About the costs: no need to pay me for anything... since I'm working for
the Dutch mail company, I'll get a bit (1/90000th) of my stamps back in my
I know two other ways you can pay me:
- have a garage sale
- stay a bit longer on this list.

> 	Someone said that the Fins have printed those 4 or 5 missing pages
> from "Back to the Klondike". I don't see the Finnish comics, so 
> I can't say anything for sure... but I don't see HOW they could print that
> art since it has never been in the Disney or Egmont files, 
> or anywhere outside of Bruce Hamilton's vault in Prescott. Maybe they took
> shots off a Gladstone edition, which would not be illegal 
> in any way since, even though Disney has no copies of the art, it's still
> their copyrighted property.

4 of the missing pages from the Klondike story were reprinted in Finland,
according to an old fanzine issue ("Sarjainfo"). The same 4 pages were 
reprinted in Holland in 1978, LONG before Gladstone even existed. Just
like other rare Barks stories, they got copies from (copies from) fans
from all over the world. They were just too happy to be able to reprint
Barks stories! (BTW: That's how Holland became the first country in the world 
that reprinted the famous milkman story.)

Only 4 1/2 of the 5 missing pages are recovered. The remaining 1/2 page has been
re-penciled by Barks and inked by Jippes. All of this work has been reprinted
in Holland recently, and this time they DID use some copies of the Carl Barks

> Same as the Dutch using those 
> Barks paintings on their back covers and Egmont using them as stamp
> give-aways... neither Hamilton nor Barks knew about this until 
> I happened to mention seeing same. And though they felt misused and robbed,
> there's not much they can do about it since the images 
> are Disney property, not Hamilton's or Barks'.

I'm surprised they feel misused and robbed. I'm sure the Dutch editor doesn't
know this. I think it is a good thing that these Barks paintings are published
in issues for a great public and at a reasonable price. As much people as
possible should be able to enjoy Barks' work, not only a few rich fans.

BTW: Mr. Hamilton used some Dutch and Danish re-inked versions of Barks
stories in the Carl Barks Library, without giving them any credit...

(I don't know why I'm defending the Dutch editor; I have no connection
with them at all. Patriottism?)


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