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Tue May 4 15:14:50 CEST 1993


	Why do I sometimes get "returned, undeliverable mail" in my E-mail box? It's my replies to these digests, and it seems that my replies 
are included in the next digest, so I don't know what was "undeliverable". I wish I knew who to ask these posers to.

	As for Gladstone's relation to $crooge, "Race to the South Seas" IS the story to go to... but only partially, as Barks made an ERROR 
in that story in explaining who Gladstone was to $crooge. Barks pointed this out to me himself when I was quizzing him while building 
my "official" Family Tree. The line in that story of Gladstone being the son of $crooge's sister's sister-in-law is the accurate one. 
I can't recall what the second phrase was in the story... something about $crooge being somebody's brother or such... but it is clearly 
contradictory to the previous line and should be ignored. ALL will be clear when my Tree is printed throughout the Egmont countries 
in a few weeks.

	As far as poor fans having the right to see all of Barks' work like the rich fans... well, isn't that the age-old question? If Barks 
owned his own work (which he doesn't), shouldn't he have the right to profit off or prevent the use of it at his whim? That's the way 
every other creative field on the planet works, EXCEPT DISNEY COMICS. Disney is one of the last hold-outs to the middle ages in this 
respect. I'd be quite upset by how little I'm paid for my (popular?) stories, and how I make not a cent in royalties no matter how many 
companies use it or how well my comics sell... but I 
KNEW that would be the way it would be. It still is far from fair. I don't know of any other creative people, whether in movies or TV 
or music or writing or newspaper strips or most all other comic books who are 
flat-out ROBBED of their rights the way Disney comic book freelancers are. But that's the way it is. However, the blade cuts both ways, 
as you say: Oberon can "swipe" Gladstone's work and Hamilton can "swipe" Oberon's stuff, and nobody has to pay or give credit since 
it's ALL Disney property. But notice: by this system, Oberon profits, Hamilton profits, but the CREATORS still don't profit a penny. 
Any fool can see how unjust that is. Hamilton pays Barks a small voluntary royalty to stay on his good side -- but Oberon doesn't need 
to worry about that. 

	This inclusion of the CBG awards in this digest --  is this to suggest that Disney fans should vote for DISNEY comics? That is an 
utter waste of time in America! In Norway, one of my stories won "Best Comic of the Year" over everything else in the world! But in 
America, my work is not even reported as existing in things like CBG. Disney comics are the pariah of American comics, those which 
comics fans are taught to shun. Voting for Disney comics in American award polls is futile and laughable to any typical American comics 
fan of 1993.

	What would it cost to send CK #1-3 overseas? I dunno... give me your address and we'll see. Who was that... Per?


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