Digest #12

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed May 5 15:11:23 CEST 1993


	#12 only contained a most interesting message to me from Luigi in Italy! Yes, my ancestors are from Italy. In fact my father was 
born there, in a small village at the foot of the Alps called (I think) Montiago or Moniago or something like that. My grandfather's 
name was Gioachino which no one in America could pronounce, so they called him Chino which became spelled "Keno" which is the name 
I was given. My grandmother was from Venice; her name was Chilistina Titiano, and claimed direct lineage to/from Titian, having proof 
in documents which have since been lost. There are still lots of Rosas in north Italy (I'm the last Rosa in America) and I hope to 
visit there someday... only one doesn't get rich working on Disney comics for reasons I explained last time.
	I would be VERY VERY interested in seeing reprints of my work in Italy -- but I didn't think there WERE any. Italy has only digest 
sized Disney comics, and I do comic-book-size comics. Besides, some years ago Italian Disney comics started developing into something 
that look more like Harvey comics (the American company that does stuff like Casper and Wendy the Good Lil' Witch)... and my art 
definitely doesn't fit that mold. But if you can find Italian reprints of my work, that would obviously mean more to me than any other 
foreign (to me) reprints of my stuff!

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