My discussion of Gladstones and Disneys

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Mon May 10 23:19:55 CEST 1993

	Dear Folks,

	I have to give a bit of updated info when it comes to that
list of mine of what Gladstones will be having, etc.

	Mainly:  My intimations on the format of WDC&S were made from
the first two issues Gladstone's solicited.  With a Duck 10-pager and
at least 10 pages of Mickey, they aren't going to be able to jam in
anything else over 6 pages, so that's how I came up with my

	In fact, the second WDC&S they're doing has a Van Horn story,
"Out of Harmony's Way," so I'm also wrong about the first story being
usually Barks.  I just assumed that given what Disney's version of the
title was like.

	All my other intimations about Gladstone's coming titles are
from such solicitations, but those are the only errors I noted that I
made (or at least that I KNOW I made.... _gulp!_)

	In response to asking about non-American Gottfredson reprints
in English I was told about Horst Schroeder's publications, which are
now out of print.  Does anyone have used copies they're willing to
sell or Xerox?  (Not that I know that I can afford them... but I'll
just ask and find out, since I AM interested.)

	Well, folks, I must be off.

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

	"Phooey on Sir Quincy Quack!  Double phooey... and yuck!"
		-- Nephews via W. Van Horn, "The Bees Have It"

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