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Tue May 11 16:01:32 CEST 1993

Don Rosa:
>Someone asked if I'd ever use Launchpad, even as a gag background 
>character. Sure, I'd do that, since I like the guy. BUT I don't 
>think I'd better since readers would see that use as my acknowleding
>the cexistance of the DuckTales characters in my Duck universe. 
>So I'd better leave them alone.

There's actually an interesting case of continuity between the Duck
Tales and the "normal" Duck universe in the latest Swedish Kalle
Anka & C:o (19-20/93). There's a Van Horn comic (D92205) that loosely
translates to "The Magic Box". In the comic, which features Donald,
his nephews and Magica, there's a flea (Swedish name; Baron Vicke
Virum) that made its original appearance in Van Horn comic "The
whistling ghost" (or something) coded AR148 and printed in Swedish 
MP 9/90. This flea has a leading role in both comics, despite the
former being a DD and the latter a DT. And, indeed, why not?

I also think I've read a Disney Comics DT episode where there are a
lot of references to old Barks stories, so this kind of continuity
can obviously work both ways. Of course, just because it exists, it
doesn't have to be good...

And if Mr. Rosa doesn't want to mess upp his normal universe with
DT characters, then what about making a Launchpad McQuack solo
adventure? To my knowledge, this has only been done in one-pagers
before. Then, theoretically, there needen't be any question at all
as to which universe he belongs to at the time.

>       Now... is anyone seeing this message???

Yup! :)

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