Why is Mickey ... ?

Chris Lawton clawton at tfs.COM
Tue May 11 23:20:40 CEST 1993

Hi everybody! 

This is my first post to the comic mailing list so I'll take a moment to 
introduce myself.

My name is Chris Lawton.  I have lived in Pleasanton, CA (about 40 mile east of
San Francisco or about 10 miles west of Lawrence Livermore Labratories) for the
past 17 years. I'm now 25.

I work as a software engineer at TRW Financial Systems in Oakland, CA.

I've alway been a huge fan of everything that is Disney - especially Mickey
and Roger Rabbit stuff. 

I recently discovered comics when Disney started publishing new titles a few 
years ago.  (Mickey Mouse Adventures and others)  I stoped when Disney 
cancelled most of the titles I was buying. :(  I just heard about 
Gladstone starting again with Disney stuff so I've got the bug again. :)

Anyway, my question is: what is about the Ducks that make them so much more 
popular than all the others?

I think that it's 'cause they are a "gang" of similar characters.  Whereas
with Mickey, for example, is alone.  (Well not really alone, but no "gang")

Or is just the action of the Ducks?  (i.e. Donald is really hyperactive in all
his shorts where Mickey isn't so much)

Or I am I completely missing the point?


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