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Torsten Adair wrote the following about my questions about Mickey;

>Well, first of all, there is the design aspect.  Donald is more malleable
>than Mickey.  DD's bill can be sculpted in a variety of ways, and his face
>is more expressive than Mickey's.
>Second, DD has had a better creator than MM.  Carl Barks produced a wide
>variety of work that was seen consistently in comic books.  MM, who was
>best mastered by Floyd Gottfredson (sp?) did not receive as great a
>distribution.  The stories that were printed in comic books were pretty
>lackluster, and did not contain any of the wonderful background elements
>found in Barks' work.
>Third, there is the characterization.  MM is a wimp.  Plain and simple.
>(Pegleg) (Black) Bad Pete could rape Minnie Mouse in front of MM, and MM
>wouldn't do a thing.  MM would probably give his high pitched nervous
>laugh and turn away.  DD, on the other hand, shows emotion.  He is a nice
>guy, until he gets angry.  He encounters everyday trials that most of us
>face.  He is more real.
>Fourth, you can't belong to this list unless you hate Mickey Mouse.   |)
>Fifth, the sad truth is that MM underwent a lobotomy in the early Forties,
>shortly before "The Sorceror's Apprentice" was filmed.  This explains the
>redesign MM underwent before Fantasia.

Points one and two are well taken.  However, three, four and five...

About point Three... I CANNOT believe that MM would ever sit by and do
nothing when it comes to Minnie.  Or Pluto or Goofy or Donald...  It's just
not his style.  He's too good to let something that bad happen and not get
involved.  (yes, this could be a flaw)  I think that MM shows this well in
the 1990 (?) short The Prince and the Pauper.  MM does get invloved.  I think
that Mickey as portrayed there could do well in comics.

About point Four... sniff :(  Well, I still think he's the best.  Somebody you
could count on!  And I'll still be around here cause I think that people that
love Disney are nice people to know! :)

Point Five...Oh sick! :)  The post Fantasia Mickey is a much better Mickey
cause he can have better facial expressions.  The "Steamboat Willie" (aka
The Rubber Hose ) Mickey didn't have much to work with.  Personally, I really
like the Modern Mickey Mouse.

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>(Please don't ruin my credit rating.)   |)

Well.... OK.  Actually, we make Image Systems here in this division.  Ever see
an American Express Credit Card statement?  We did it!

Chris	Mickey's #1 Fan!! :)

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