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(Sorry, nothing on Disney comics per se in this message.)

Gilbert> Per (& Don!) I think I have an idea -- as to what happen here...

No, I know what the problem was and it's fixed.  I didn't forget to
send that message to Don btw.  I sent it to him separately from the
other digest subscribers, as I had a small note to Don that I
prepended to it.  I do it that way instead of sending him an extra
message, as he has to pay Compu$erve for every message he receives
from the Internet.

Chris> Is there some sort of FAQ for this group?

The ftp archive at pub/comics/disney at is where I
store informational files like comic book indexes and other stuff.
There is no specific FAQ file there though.  (FAQ is short for
Frequently Asked Question, for those who don't know, or, by extension,
a file containing such questions with answers.)

That archive is mentioned in the welcome message to the list, but
maybe I should say more about it there, maybe even list what files are

Only I can put files there, but of course I'm open to suggestion as to
what should go there.  Sometimes I've been very inconsistent as it
depends much on how much time I have to put on the list myself just
when something that maybe should be archived is posted.  Please tell
me if you miss something there.

I think my ideal is that the files there after a while will form a
coherent collection of information, be it frequently or not so
frequently asked for.  Then if I'd like to know who is who of Huey,
Dewey and Louie (as an example) I'd look for a file huey-dewey-louie
in the characters subdirectory, if I'd like to know more about the
Life of Scrooge series I'd look at a file don-rosa in a directory
creators or something like that.

Or maybe we should instead (also?) have a normal big FAQ file which
answers (as well as we can) such questions?  What FAQ's are there

Chris> What's a DIGEST?

It's possible to subscribe to this list in digest form instead.  It's
digest in the sense "collection of writings arranged under headings"
(Webster), and is simply all the messages from a day collected
together in one message.  I number those digests, but those numbers
are of course never seen by you "normal" subscribers who get the
individual messages.
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