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Wed May 12 12:23:00 CEST 1993

> What FAQ's are there anyway?

Some I can think of, off-hand, concern the color arangements of HD&L,
Grandma Duck's name and relationship to other characters (actually
this probably fits many characters).  Are Donald & Daisy related?
Are Mickey & Minnie *really* married?  Where is Duckburg (in the real
world) and what city does it represent?  Do Mickey & Donald exist
in the same universe?  Are "Ducktale" storys cannonical?  Why is
Donald & Uncle $crooge popular and Mickey is not?  What relationship
or business agreements did/do Disney, Gladstone, Western, Dell, and
Gold Key have?  What titles are/were published?  What is the difference
between the different comicbook markets around the world which carry
Disney titles?  Who is Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Floyd Gottfriedson, etc.?
Hmmmm.  I know there's more, but this would be a good start as some of
these questions have indeed been asked and someone could make a list in
some way tha would be helpful.

Are there any more?

I hope this isn't presumptous of me to ask these questions?


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