Digest #20

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Sat May 15 06:15:04 CEST 1993

	Why was someone in there asking about Archie comics??? Where did that come from???

	No, I never tried to reread that long message that I had trouble with during the thunderstorm. It was reeealy tricky to try to keep 
it on screen with all the line noise -- I had to keep my finger on the "backspace" button to prevent the lightning from commanding 
the system to throw me off the E-mail string. And being such a loooong message, I gave up trying to recall it and fight my way all 
the way to the end again to see what I missed. In the meanwhile, I guess I erased the message. Anyway, you seem to have found the parts 
I missed...
	Yes, there IS a long adventure story that I did especially for Norway's "Year of the Book" which WILL have some alternate panels 
when/if used by Gladstone. But... how did anyone KNOW about all that??? Did I pop off about it somewhere? I don't recall...
	And yes, I will ask Gladstone to make some small changes in the "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" when they use it; probably just 
dialogue changes. The biggest one involves part 3 where I had $crooge meeting the "Professor from Birmingham" in 1882. I'm embarrassed 
to say that the panel where the vicuna hunter in "Lost in the Andes" tells of the professor's death had slipped my mind -- or perhaps 
I'd always thoughtlessly figured he was referring to some OTHER visitor to Plain Awful (though I see it's clear he isn't). Anyway, 
I'll need to rewrite the dialogue to make the old man to be the museum agent who bought the eggs from the padre in Cuzco. This, however, 
doesn't explain why the museum forgot what the eggs were, and it sorta knocks the stuffing out of the whole reason for the scene. 
Well, I got careless for an instant, and that's what happened. I hope readers will point out other goofs so I can correct them, too, 
in future printings.
	As for HD&L's history, Per has it all down. I hate to see him refer to my upcoming Family Tree as a "revision"! I tried VERY hard not to 
do any recreating of past Barks facts... but sometimes we had to examine the various past versions and choose the most reasonable or 
appropriate combination of them. I sought the advice of Duck fans around the world while constructing that Tree over several years 
because I knew I was dealing with characters that belong to ALL of us, not just whoever was doing the Tree (which happened to be me).
	TALESPIN: Yes, those were the titles of the two episodes I wrote. They were also the first two episodes written and the first two 
produced. The "pilot" or origin episodes were written and produced much later... I've never even seen those. In fact, I've never seen 
an episode of the series other than the tapes they sent me of my two episodes. I just don't have much interest in TV cartoons, and seeing 
the behind-the-scenes of their production didn't fill me with fascination.

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