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> I'll throw this one out to the group: what are your favorite stories by
> those authors? [i.e., Jack Bradbury, Dick Moores, Phil de Lara, Tony
> Strobl, Paul Murry]

I don't know about my favourites, but I do like One for the Whammy (DD
65) that Harry already mentioned.  Paper Route Panic (DD 66) is
another good one --- not very Barksian though!

Wilmer continued:
> (Of course, my favorite duck story of all time was Barks' Land
> Beneath the Ground, and now I am a seismologist.  I wonder whether
> there's any connection?)

A seismologist!  Aren't you the ones who believe that earthquakes are
caused by gas that builds up in fissures as the earth shrinks?  You
shore ain't been around, podner! :-)

> 	One reason I prefer the "Barks School" (Rosa, Scarpa,
> Rota, Milton, Jippes, Branca, Van Horn and Vicar) to Strobl and 
> Bradbury is the seriousness with which the characters are treated.
> Even in Van Horn's wildest stories, the characters' impulses strike me
> as being essentially true to Barks' Ducks.  But with Strobl you have
> stories like "Santa's Unexpected Visit," in which Scrooge not only
> believes in Santa but spends time trying to butter him up, like a
> seven-year-old. (...)

Yes, but that's not Strobl's fault, as he didn't write the stories,
and the same goes for most of those mentioned.  Not many wrote *and*
drew, like Barks did.

> Strobl also gives every female character half-open eyes, which is
> supposed to suggest flirtatiousness maybe, but just gives Daisy (and
> Minnie, in these artists' usually poor Mouse stories) a 'dopey'
> expression befitting Gus Goose.

I never thought about this, but now you've got me looking for it, and 
perhaps you are right.  Take a look at late Barks though (like Daisy's
Diary), and you'll see the same thing!  (If Barks does it it must be
right, right? :-)
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