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Mark McConnell:
> does anyone remember an adventure with Mickey in Lostralia?  I read
> this story in the early '70s and don't even know what it was called.
> It was probably a reprint, but the story was great.  Lostralia is 
> the place where you lost socks go during washing, where lost change goes...
> You get the picture.

Probably lost stories go there too ... :-)
No, I don't recognize it, but could it possibly be "Land of the Lost"
in MM 143 (August 1973).  I haven't seen it but the title and date
seem right.  It's a 12-page story drawn by Jack Manning, certainly not
one of the better artists, but it's written by Mark Evanier who has
done some whacky, funny scripts (for example with Super Goof), so it
wouldn't surprise me if that story was able to make an impact on you,
if that's the one.

My source is Joe Torcivia's excellent Mickey Mouse Checklist published
by The Duckburg Times editor Dana Gabbard.
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