Van Horn's "Magic Box" story

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Sat May 15 20:17:46 CEST 1993

	Dear Folks,

	This letter -- regarding the Van Horn story about the
whistling flea -- was actually written last week.  I got it back with
all the gibberish at the top that you're about to see, and the
question is:  did anyone ever SEE it?

	Anyway, here it is NOW, a bit delayed.

	Your friend, 


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	Dear Folks,

	One interesting thing about "The Magic Box" (which I have not
seen) is that it was originally planned and contracted for Disney.
The later Van Horn stories Disney published were quite out of the
order they were done in, and "Magica's Missin' Magic" (as it was then
called) was to have been the backup in DiDDA #17.  However, an earlier-made
story, "Kid Stuff," was substituted for it there, and indeed Disney
never did get around to buying the former story because of the decree
that their number of purchased original stories was to be slashed.  It
would have been the next one bought (and from the looks of things at
the time, might have been put in DDA 22, where presumably "Kid Stuff"
was originally meant to appear).

	Or so Bob Foster told me once.

	The interesting thing about Baron Itzy Bitzy, the whistling
flea, (that's his real name, although it could be "Baron _Von_") is
that "The Whistling Ghost" in DT 10 is not his first appearance.
Earlier on he appeared in the four-page story, "Lost on a Dog," which
was in a Gladstone US issue!
	It looks like this character is Van Horn's attempt at a
continuing character, a pet of the Ducks... and a most bizarre one,
since he doesn't have any real characteristics other than singing and

	The solicitations for the third month of Disneys mention a new
Van Horn entitled "Out of Harmony's Way."  Is this original for
Gladstone, or also European?

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

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