Bouncing messages (again), Was: of mice and ducks (again!)

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sat May 15 20:29:35 CEST 1993

> It was written a week ago and today I got it back accompanied by the
> following.  Did any of you get it before now?

Yes we did.  I've warned about this once to the list (before you
became a member), but I didn't think of mentioning it in the welcoming
message.  When you send mail to the list it's more of less like you
send it to every recipient of the list, so the message you got only
indicated that *one* member of the list didn't get it.  In an ideal
world, I, as the list administrator, would get all those bounces

(I have already removed that particular user for the time being, but
there may be more bounces coming, as the bounce message wasn't sent
out until after three days!)

What to do when to get a bounce: Don't resend it.  The best is if you
forward the bounce message to me --- otherwise just ignore it.

ObDisney:  Has Barks started painting again?  I've read that there are
rumours to that effect.
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