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Before you call it quits on the HD&L FAQ file I thought I make some additional
comments/suggestions for inclusion:

1.  I'm certain I have a comic story (which I mention in a previous posting
the last time the tykes were at issue on this mailing list) where Grandma Duck
made the Nephews 'personalized' sweaters.  I distinctly seem to recall that
it was a one-pager (which may explain why quickly flipping through my entire
collection was a fruitless task).  I do, however, clearly recall that the
color scheme was "H" on Red, "D" on Blue and "L" on Green.  The reason I
mention this is because this story, chonologically, came long before the
Ducktales storyline.  I would guess that there are other stories in which the
boys were wearing distinctive shirts when referred by name, but this is one
story where the emphasis was on matching a name to a color.  This makes it
an important precedent story (for the colors only).  If anyone can recall
where this story is found it would probably help out immensely.  I figure it
is probably in a Duck Family Album or WDC&S.

2.  Perhaps a small comment about the relationship of AM&J (April, May & June,
Daisy's Nieces) as HD&L's counterparts.  As well as what exact role they play
in the pseudo-tortured lives of the Nephews (especially concerning their
"boys-will-be-boys" mentality).  One good example is found in UNCLE DONALD AND
HIS NEPHEWS FAMILY FUN #38 (Dell Giant) where the girls leave love notes and
such and chase them  The boys try to keep the girls at bay by hiding out in
their clubhouse and using campaigns like "No Girls Aloud" and calling
themselves mysogynists ("Women Haters").  However, by the end of the story
the boys are attacked by the Beagle Brats and subsequently beaten up by the
Nieces.  The Beagle Boys find out their brats are fighting with girls and are
summarily punished.  AM&J win the respect of HD&L, but the story is filled
with sexism, even to the point that the boys make the girls conform to a
masculine physical appearnce in order to enter the clubhous.  But I digress...
;-)  Definitely NOT one of Disney's shining moments in the realm of political
progress, but then much of Disney was based on the general social mores of the
time (e.g. FANTASIA's use of Black Stereotypes later editted out of the film's

3.  In an upcoming series for the Disney Afternoon for DTA (Disney Television
Animation) the Nephews and Donald will be starring.  The show is slated for
the Fall of 1995(?) to be the next series after ALADDIN to premeire, called
"DUCK DAZE."  The show is in pre-product and, at this time, is to be about the
irracible Donald trying to raise three teenagers.  There will be re-curring
appearances by Uncle $crooge and Prof. Von Drake.  Also promised cameos by
Darkwing and Goof Troop characters.  As I understand it U$ will be testing
Donald's worthiness to inherit his wealth from time-to-time.  I also imagine
Prof. von Drake will probably be one of HD&L's High School instructors.


As an aside, for those who care, I have had a letter published in WDC&S #568.

Y'all take care.


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