Gladstone, Duckbufg & the future

Wed May 19 20:22:06 CEST 1993

	Just for everyone's information. I picked up Gladstone's "first" new
comic. It came out around monday or tuesday, I don't know which since my bro
picked it up for me.   _Donald Duck Adventures_ #21 contains "Secret of
Hondorica" (Barks), and a Grandma Duck story, "Modern Conveniences". This 
Comic looks almost exactly like one of the original Gladstones, even the
letters column has the same title ("Adventure Log").  The only difference is
the paper quality.

About Duckburg and time:  Don't forget that in Barks' story the ducks used
rockets, and new-fangled equipment (shrinking rays), more than once.  Sat.'s 
would not seem that unusual...

- Darin
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